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As recent incidents in Ireland disturb the ghosts of a bloody past, Wales has had its own taste of bitter nostalgia. A summer home has been burnt to the ground. No, not the fancy beachside manor of an English lord - but a humble caravan.

This blog has the shocking pictures (the elderly, pregnant and members of the National Caravan Council should avert their eyes).

The caravan's crime was to have the words 'Speak Our Language!' daubed on its side in big white letters by Cymuned, who campaign for the rights of Welsh speakers in Wales.

I doubt if this caravan was a great loss to their campaign. People who move into Wales usually have no idea about the language and the culture attached to it. Shouting at them isn't going to change that.

It might have been better if the caravan had 'Pick up a pamphlet' or 'Ffrwchnedd - if you want to know what the hell this means, inquire within' painted on it. Or it might have been better to do away with the message altogether, because, let's face it, anyone stupid enough to obey the command of a caravan probably isn't worth converting to our cause.

I can't help but think the arsonists did Cymuned a favour by getting rid of the painted message. But they could have done that with paint remover, not by burning down the bloody caravan - they were lucky they didn't kill anyone, the idiots.

The Commission for Racial Equality has condemned the attack, saying:
Everyone involved has a responsibility to make sure that they are putting forward their views in constructive ways rather than in ways that lead to confrontation, closed minds and misunderstanding.
Perhaps the arsonists weren't able to afford their own painted caravans to make their opinions known?

(If anyone's counting, Pro-Welsh nutters - 200 summer homes, Anti-Welsh Nutters - 1 caravan. Our home grown disturbed pyromaniacs are obviously superior.)


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